Severance has partnered with Law Enforcement Temporary Placement Service L.L.C. (LETPS) who offers their services to their customers through four main programs which include:  1) Security & Contracted Law Enforcement Services: 2) Support Services; 3) Training Services; 4) Security and Contracted Law Enforcement Management Services.  It is through these programs that LETPS can offer their customers access to state conservation officers, state highway patrol officers, sheriff’s deputies, city police officers and law enforcement support personnel who possess the training, experience, and equipment necessary to complete any security or law enforcement related  job.  LETPS “Subject Matter Experts” work closely with their customers throughout the contract period to ensure the contract specifications are met, or exceeded, in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

Whether you’re a federal or state agency, corporation or small business, private land owner or individual, Law Enforcement Temporary Placement Service L.L.C. is committed to assisting you with meeting your security and contracted law enforcement needs of the day by offering a more efficient, productive, and cost effective way of doing business. If you’re in need of additional security, or contracted law enforcement services above and beyond what a traditional security company can provide, or are looking for assistance with managing your security and contracted law enforcement services

Hired Severance security for a James Dupre' show last month. We were totally Impressed. Very professional and accommodating. Huge crowd even Ron White was at the show. We could not have asked for anything more. Will definitely use Tim and there guys again!

David Batten, Owner / Manager